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Focused on Wellness, Healing, & Fun

At Mystic Meadows we aim to provide healing services & enjoyable events. The peaceful country adds another element to our services. Yes, it may be a bit of a drive but the drive offers some time of self-reflection. You will be greeted with a comfy environment and offered a warm beverage for making the drive. 


We work with people who want to take better care of themselves, but suffer from anxiety, health issues, or emotional turmoil. Our goal is to assist our clients so they can take the first steps to living a life of freedom. We offer a variety of unique healing services so they can feel supported on their quest to wholeness.

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Amber Dawn
Healing Practitioner & Teacher

Amber is a creative soul that loves transformation and gathering people. She enjoys learning and working with others to rise to new heights. Her life intentions are to have fun, keep life interesting through experiences, & simplify.


As an energetic healing practitioner she works with alchemy, astrology, & light frequency to help clients release old patterning & step into their gifts so they can transform their reality. 


A healing of hope, light, & love, enhancing your awakening so you can release old patterns to RISE. 

I enjoy helping clients who are struggling with: Anxiety, Spiritual Awakening, & Family Relationships 

Being overwhelmed with anxiety can cause some to feel boxed in, stifled, lonely, & hopeless. It can come on like a sneak attack that feels as though you can't handle simple tasks or decision making. ​It causes you to feel like your brain isn't working like it use to. Irritability takes over & may cause you to become short with the people you love the most. It can also show up as obsessive behaviors that make you feel like you can't do anything right. 

Spiritual Awakening can make some feel like their biggest fears are showing up to redirect their current path. You may feel or see presences or spiritual beings around you. Your dreams may feel very real and like there are important messages in them. The same numbers may haunt you by showing up everywhere. This can cause some to fear the unexplainable and wonder why this is happening to you or a family member. It's most likely the spiritual realm calling you to listen as they want to guide you & are using extreme measures to get your attention.

Families who are struggling to understand each other can cause the home to feel like it's not a safe place anymore. There might be misunderstanding, fights, hurts, & distance that comes between members. It can feel like a full time job just making sure each member is doing okay emotionally without setting an emotional bomb off in the house. This can also go the opposite direction where members are extremely quiet & hide from the family by going to their room or staying overly busy. Everything may seem fine but you may have the thought in the back of your mind asking, what if it's not & they just aren't willing to tell me what's going on. 

I can help you find the energetic seeds that may be causing any of the above issues so you can release the fear, heal emotional pain, & transform your life. I can't promise that it will be a fast process but I can promise that I will be there to support you along the way. I have personally experienced each one of the above issues.


I believe there are 3 steps to heal, awaken, & transform; click the button below to find out more.  ​Or continue scrolling to find our about a new optimal healing session we are offering.


Healing Practitioner

Jeremiah is a sound healer. What does that mean? It means he uses tuning forks on and around the body to release stuck energy while allowing the body to heal itself. Jeremiah works with the body’s energy field and energy centers (Chakra’s) to help bring a balanced energy.  Emotions can cause physical pain in the body which looks like noise in the energy field. The tuning forks have a noise canceling frequency which allows the emotional trauma to release thereby allowing the physical body pain to melt away. It’s not a traditional type of western medicine but it can work well along side it. Hearing the sound of the forks is relaxing and mesmerizing. If you would like to know more please call with any questions.     

Jeremiah  (208) 861-4820


Sound healing for the body & mind

Biofield Tuning uses tuning forks to introduce sound into the body to help muscles relax and the mind to focus. Your body is an electrical system and has a field around it in which we call the biofield. It is a lot like the gravitational field of the earth. Imagine a radio wave traveling around the world, then all the sudden a tall tree pops up and interferes with the signal. What was once peaceful and coherent now has noise introduced which is no longer allowing the signal to travel the way it was intended. Your body is the same way, it has frequencies or signals which circle around it. Sometimes something like emotions or past experiences will cause the signal to be interrupted causing noise in the frequency. The noise can cause physical or emotional pain. The tuning forks have the ability to introduce a noise-canceling frequency which will help the body to autocorrect and come into balance.

Click below to book with Jeremiah or continue scrolling to find our about a new optimal healing session we are offering.


Jeremiah & Amber are combining their techniques to create the:


This session allows Amber to release deep emotional pain & trauma from the body, while Jeremiah clears it from the energy field. That means you can move stuck energy & purify limitations at a faster pace and quickly clear the effects of the deep work. In this session you will be able to relax with Jeremiah's sound healing while Amber works her magic at the same time. You get double the healing in half the time. This creates an optimal experience for you to awaken, align, & transform in a safe & relaxing environment. 

We are so excited to offer this opportunity to our clients & to be working together as a husband & wife team. 


Jeremiah works with sound frequency to heal physical & emotional pain and by clearing distortion in the biofield. Amber works with consciousness & energy to help clients release limitation and to hold the healing frequency of each modality. We all work well together if you would like to work with both practitioner.


How We Got Our Start

Mystic Meadows is a small piece of acreage in the country of Southern Idaho.  We enjoy our little country setting so much that we wanted to share it with more people. A few years ago, we went through a huge healing process as a family. Some of our healing happened around a campfire, some with music, some by finding our passions, but most of it happened in healing sessions. We want to offer healing & fun. 


At Mystic Meadows, we pride ourselves on the ability to change and impact lives in a healthy way. We do so by offering a variety of services to help others achieve healing. We offer special gatherings & healing sessions at this time. Curious to find out more? Get in touch with a member of our team today.

"What we think, we become"



Greenleaf, ID 83626, USA